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Coin collecting can start as a hobby and become a very smart way of creating an investment. When investing in rare coins, it can provide a significant medium to long-term benefit. The value of a coin is related to the difficulty to obtain a coin and the demand is generated for that specific coin. Generally, the rarer the coin, the greater the value. The world's rarest coin is the South African "Single 9" that was minted in 1899.
Nelson Mandela coins are welcome addition to any coin enthusiast’s collection.
All Nelson Mandela coins were produced by the South African Mint.
For a Nelson Mandela Coin to have value, the following requirements are needed:
1. Coin must be uncirculated , Mint State or Proof (Untouched)
2. Graded by International grading companies (Only NGC or PCGS)
3. Certificate of Purchase with name of purchaser.

These are the different options when purchasing PROOF Nelson Mandela Coins. Be aware that Proof coins are different from Mint State Coins.

2008 - 2000 - 1994 Proof_Nelson_Mandela

1994 Inauguration Coin.
2000 Millennium Nelson Mandela Coin.
2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Coin.
The 1994 Inauguration R5 Coin in both Mint State (MS) and Proof (PF) issue to coincide with the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela in 1994 is by far the rarest and most difficult to come by either MS or Proof.
The 2000 Nelson Mandela Millennium Coins Mint State and Proof were minted in respect to Nelson Mandela on his retirement as State President and they are also very rare.
In 2008 a new R5 coin bearing his head was issued to celebrate his 90th Birthday in July 2008. This had never been done in the history of the SA MINT that two R5 coins were issued with the ex-presidents bust on them.


Our Goal is to help you build coin collections and coin portfolios. Remember No Capital Gains Tax or other taxes are payable on resale of Mandela coins, as well as No Estate duties are payable.
The Coin Company specialises in Mandela Coins and other rare collectable coins. We have a collective 30 years of experience in rare coins and as such will provide you, with the knowledge to make the best decision for the ultimate unique portfolio. It is never too late to start and your collection can only grow in value as time passes by. Our mission is to offer assistance and advice to all our clients, either entering the coin market for the first time or to established coin collectors.

Please take a look at the picture below showing MINT STATE (MS) coins so you can see the difference with the Proof coins.
Not all the MS Nelson Mandela Coins should be purchased as an investment, some of these coins are not rare because of the high number of coins available. Our brokers can give you the best advise.
The 2008 Nelson Mandela MS69 is the finest known of all. There are only 11 of these coins and was sold in 2011 for over 2.5 million. The MS68 is also a very rare coin. NGC only records 56 of these coins.
If you have specific interest in making a large investment with these coins contact us by phone.
2008 - 2000 - 1994 Proof_Nelson_Mandela
We are excited to announce that World Coin News confirms this year that rare R5 Nelson Mandela coins are the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world!

Guarantees on Coins

The Coin Company like any other organisation cannot guarantee a floating investment. A floating investment is one that moves up and down in accordance with the general conditions of the market. Like rare coins, shares, property etc.

We advise all investor in this regard to use common sense.

How long should I hold onto my rare coins?

South Africa rare coins as with most good investments should be purchased long term. That is to be held for between 5-10 years. Almost all good investments around the world today take time to build growth momentum.

Special Sets and Prices

We have prepared a limited number of coin sets presented in a wooden box specially designed for The Coin Company. You cannot miss this opportunity to purchase these coins.

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Mandela Coins

The Mandela Series includes the 1994 Presidential Inauguration, the 2000 Nelson Mandela Millennium and the 2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday.

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